Pet Laboratory Services

Comprehensive pet laboratory services for accurate diagnostics, ensuring the well-being of your furry friends. Get results you can trust.
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Introducing Advanced Pet Care to Miami, Florida

We at Hammocks Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to giving your pets the finest possible care and wellness throughout their lives by offering top-notch pet laboratory services in Miami, Florida.

Laboratory testing such as urine testing, blood testing, and fecal parasite testing is routinely conducted for wellness visits or if your pet is being evaluated for an illness. These types of tests are often required for a complete and accurate diagnosis.

Our in-house laboratory equipment provides our veterinarians with access to results that are delivered quickly and accurately, allowing us to formulate a specific plan to care for your pet effectively.

We also utilize Idexx Laboratory (the largest veterinary lab in the US) for more advanced testing. They provide us with twice-daily sample pick-up and results are available for most tests 24-48 hours after submission

The Benefits for Your Pet

  • Early Disease Detection: We can give prompt intervention and increase the likelihood of effective treatment by using our pet laboratory services to detect health concerns in their early stages.
  • Faster Recoveries: Your pet will heal more quickly if their diagnosis is accurate. Our laboratory services enable us to promptly determine the best course of action, guaranteeing that your pet returns to being playful as soon as possible.
  • Better Quality of Life: We can better manage chronic diseases and improve your pet’s overall quality of life by utilizing the power of sophisticated diagnostics.
  • Reduced Stress: Our simplified diagnosis approach helps to minimize stress for your pet by cutting down on the number of visits and the discomfort that comes with chronic diseases.