Pet Geriatric Care

Compassionate support for aging pets, offering specialized treatments, comfort, and quality of life to senior furry companions.
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Pet Geriatric Care

Opening the Door to a Lifetime of Happiness and Love for Your Special Friend

At Hammocks Veterinary Hospital, we honor dogs’ golden years in addition to providing medical care. Our goal is to provide your devoted pets with a life of comfort, health, and enjoyment by reinventing senior pet care in Miami, Florida. We are dedicated to making your beloved family member’s twilight years genuinely remarkable since we recognize the strong emotional bond you have with them.

While some age-related diseases may not be preventable, early detection and intervention is the key to successful management.

We recommend all senior pets (generally considered to be those eight years and older) receive twice-yearly exams. Since pets age much more quickly than we do, this gives us the best chance to catch problems early and prevent serious issues. During these exams, we will assess and discuss your pet’s weight, dental health, activity level, signs of arthritis or pain, nutrition level, and heart health. Based on our findings, we may advise laboratory blood tests to get a better picture of what is going on inside your dog or cat.

You may notice your older pet is slowing down or seems less interested in life, and you may think that is part of getting older. But remember, Age is not a disease! More often than not, there is an underlying problem that we can treat.

Specific symptoms to look for in senior pets include weight loss or gain, increased panting, lameness or trouble with stairs, increased thirst, problems urinating, coughing, new lumps or bumps, changes in sleep patterns, or periods of disorientation. If you see any of these, don’t assume they are part of aging. Please schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

Benefits of Pet Geriatric Care

  • Extended Vitality and Health: Our all-inclusive senior care programs are developed to handle age-related health issues, enabling your pet to enjoy a longer, healthier life.
  • Pain Management: In older pets, arthritis and joint discomfort can be prevalent. We provide pain treatment techniques to maintain your pet’s comfort and mobility.
  • Early Problem Detection: Routine examinations can assist in spotting any issues before they worsen, enabling quick treatment and a better prognosis.
  • Emotional Well-Being: We are aware of the strong emotional connection you have with your pet. We offer assistance and direction to help your pet adjust to the changes that occur with becoming older.